10 Super Star Small Businesses

Small businesses bring humanity back into our shopping carts. From personal messages, to hand wrapped and garage built items- to the larger more expansive companies who started from humble beginnings- small businesses bring an amount of love to every item that large corporations just cannot provide.

Below I have outlines 10 of my favorite small/family businesses that have incredible products, incredible missions, and even more incredible people who pour their heart and soul into their products. Better yet- they are all local to San Diego!

So browse below and I promise you will find some of your new favorite “go to’s”. Each business is linked- so be sure to check out their pages!


1. Garden of Fragrance

In need of some new incense, oils, candles, skin care products, or other homely goods- Garden of Fragrance is an oasis of a shop here in San Diego. The moment you step inside you are welcomed by soothing smells, and greenery from the chic aesthetic of plants and incense. The walls are lined with product- you could easily spend an hour just going through everything they have. I personally recommend ytheir amazing gift sets!

2. Collective 108

Collective 108 has a mission and vision to inspire you to approach life more mindfully and minimally- as they produce and provide clean and ethical wellness products. From skin serums, to CBD products, to supplements and gift sets. I absolutely recommend the cleansing oil and skin serum- my face feels happier when using Collective 108. In addition, Amber Baker, the founder, offers some serious plant, house, and cooking inspo on Instagram- so if you aren’t already following her, I have linked her HERE– you’re welcome.

3. Tyto Yoga & Wellness

Tyto is a brand new yoga studio, owned by Toni Crawley, that just opened here in Pacific Beach! Opening during a pandemic has had it’s challenges, but Tyto has transformed their outdoor space into a cozy oasis that allows our community a beautiful and tranquil place to practice. Tyto also offers other wellness services- such as pilates, hydro-colonics, and eventually acupuncture and other practices from holistic health practitioners. Tyto offers yoga classes in every style- and has unbeatable membership prices.

Ethically Made Goods & Clothing:

4. Midori Bikini

Want a show stopping bikini that is ethically made and screams aloha vibes? Look no further. Rachel Midori, founder, has a mission to change the swimwear and clothing game. Her products are ethically and responsibly made and her mission is to inspire community and ohana feels. So when you’re outside looking good and enjoying nature, you’ll also be supporting Mother Earth by choosing a brand that rocks the environmentally friendly vision.

5. Be Kind Vibes

The mission and message is in the name, plain and simple. Be Kind Vibes creates their products with the purpose of leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible, while also keeping a retro style at the center of all their designs. Bonus? For every product purchased, a tree is planted- a win for your wardrobe and a win for Mother Neature, herself. My current obsession- their Cropped Retro Tee.

Snacks & Sweets:

6. Rickaroons

Everyone loves a feel good family story, and Rickaroons has got it for you. Sure, these organic, gluten free, and vegan goodies are packed with nutrient dense food to fuel any work out or qualm your midday stomach growl- but better yet? The friendly faces behind this company are probably half of the reason I keep coming back for more (not to mention their Instagram captions make me laugh. Every. Single. Time). They have also mastered the art of trickery- they make it feel as if you are eating a homemade cookie from grandma- when in reality you’re stuffing your face with whole ingredients. My personal favorite is the chocolate blonde, but when I can’t choose, I buy the variety pack… or two.

7. Maya’s Cookies

You know when you see a cookie and you’re like WOW I have to try that. Sometimes it’s hit or miss. Well, look no further because I want to introduce you to a cookie that NEVER misses. Maya Madsen, founder, should inspire bakeries around the globe because she has the ultimate “it” factor. Vegan, gluten free- you name- she’s got it. Take a look at her creative mix of flavors, and balance that with her unwavering ability to create a soft and gooey, yet well put together masterpiece. The GF Chocolate Chip S’Mores is my go to- but I dare you to try them all.

Jewelry & Accessories:

8. Joycraft Handmade

We all have that one friend who is always just a step ahead of the fashion trend, the one who get’s that double take look from all the girls and guys, the one whose closet you hope to get your hands on when going “out”. Well, you can be THAT friend when you decide to accessorize with Joycraft Handmade. Monique Haines, founder, designer, and creative, handmakes these beautiful, intricate, and fashion forward clay earrings. Get your hands on her Fall 2020 collection, your ears and outfits will thank you.

9. Ruby To Blue

Serena Oelke, founder, was born and raised in Ocean Beach. She has created a beautiful line of stand out jewelry that is ready to wear from surfing our SoCal coastline, straight to the dinner table during date night. All of her jewelry is eye catching- but her signature piece has to be her bikini strap earrings. These beauties are made from recycled bikinis- all from local bikini businesses- just be prepared to answer to the guaranteed statement of, “Those are so cute- where are they from?”

Pretty Hair Every Time:

10. Kylie

Last, but certainly first on my speed dial, is Kylie. A Norther California native (just like me!) turned SoCal lover- Kylie has all the makings of being your therapist, best confidant, AND best hairstylist- all while making you belly laugh and question whether you could rock her tasteful and hip tattoos as well as she does (the answer is no, but feel free to admire this girls style because holy heck, does she have it). You know those stylists who just “get it”- that is Kylie to a T. The sweetest and most talented human, whether you want just a quick trim or you’re eyeing a brand new you- you are going to want to book an appointment with her ASAP because this girl books up quickly. Oh, did I mention you can book her for special occasions? I’m already calling dibs for my wedding.

There you have it folks, some of my favorite small local businesses. During times like these its as important as ever to support the businesses we want to see thriving in the future.

Have a favorite small, family, or local business?

Drop them below in the comments- I would love to support them, I just need to know who they are first! 🙂

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