How To Start Running, From A Fellow Non-Runner

I’ve always wanted to be a runner- someone who can go for miles and miles- chasing that endorphin kick and high that so many runners swear by. But whether due to having other physical fitness priorities, or literally being held back by my bionic hip, running isn’t always in the cards for me. However, I genuinely do enjoy it, in small increments, when the sun is shining, with a good playlist, on the 3rd of every month….

Kidding. I do enjoy it, most of the time, but not all the time. And I think that’s okay.

I have read countless blog posts about running, many describing in detail a running plan- a breakdown of the number of miles and distance one should aim for. “A Beginners Guide To Start Running”- and then a detailed plan telling me exactly what I should and shouldn’t do!

I have even started a few different running plans, in hopes of completing a triathlon, but have never been able to stick to it.

I knew I wanted to run more, but the strict regimen wasn’t fitting into my lifestyle. I wanted to like running. I wanted to a enjoy a jog on my own terms, and feel determined to go regularly, while still working to hold myself accountable knowing I wouldn’t always feel motivated.

So, if you’re like me and you want to run more- but you are unsure of how to get started, I’ll share a few of my tips below on what gets me out the door.

  1. Attire– it might seem silly, but having running gear that you love helps tremendously. I know when my favorite running shorts are in the laundry and I have to wear the shorts that constantly fall down my waist, I am less likely to lace up my shoes and dance out the door. Find the right shoes, shorts/leggings, and supportive tops- ladies- that means finding a sports bra that truly holds the girls in place.
  2. Find a route- I focus much less on distance and time than I do route. I know my neighborhood well enough that I have about 5 different loops in my running repertoire. I have the “quick run”- the one I know takes just about 20 minutes if I go at a swift pace. I have the long run- knowing I will be out jogging for an hour or more. I have the loop that I notoriously walk and jog, alternating. I have the “hilly” route that I choose if I need a good butt kick. Then I have the scenic route, if I am looking for more of a meditative run. Having a route in mind instead of a pace or number of miles allows for more autonomy in my decision to work out- how am I feeling today? What type of run do I need? Instead of what type of run should I do?
  3. Music– I am a die hard early to mid 2000’s playlist kind of gal when it comes to setting the tone for my run. But find what gets your booty groovin’ and the rest will follow. I usually have a 5 minute jam session before I start my run to get myself pumped up! There are also days though that I am craving slower music or even a podcast. So crank up whatever it is your soul wants to hear and get yourself out the door and moving and groovin’!
  4. Grace– I use to be an all or nothing type person when it came to working out. If I wasn’t dripping sweat, it didn’t count. That was never sustainable. I am learning to enjoy the process of feeling healthy and moving my body because I want to and I am capable, and not out of guilt. Give yourself grace as you pick up this new hobby. Be determined, but also real- saying, “I am going to run every day this month” might have very different results than, “I am going to run at least 3 days a week.” One doesn’t leave room for error- the other leaves room for LIFE.
  5. Nourishment– the last thing I will say that I often think is skipped over is the fact that if you want to start logging miles, you need to be nourishing your body properly. That will of course look different for everyone, so I cannot tell you what you should and shouldn’t be eating. You are your best judgement. You know that you run better after a good meal? Go for it! You prefer to run on an emptier stomach- I get that! I don’t encourage running on a totally empty tank- have enough sustenance- whether it is food or hydration. This will allow your run to feel GOOD- not draining.

Notice I didn’t drop any, “All runners do ______.” Or, “You MUST _____.” There is truly no way to fill in the blank, because when it comes to running and working out in general, our goals differ greatly! It would be ridiculous to follow someone else’s standards, but hope for your own unique results.

I hope what I stated above resonates in a way that allows you to curate your own remedy and equation to get your feet fluttering out the door.

Running isn’t easy, but it also doesn’t have to be complicated. One foot after the other.

Want an accountability buddy?

Feel free to message me on social- I am always here to talk, chat, and motivate!

Happy Running!

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