“It Will Always Be A Cage”- What’s It About?

Someone asked me the other day what my poems are about.
I didn’t quite know how to respond- I said, “Human emotion.”
That isn’t incorrect, each poem stems completely from an emotional perspective.
I originally was going to have each chapter title be the name of a specific emotion.

Joy. Grief. Sadness. Bliss. Sentimental. Love.
But I didn’t want to confine people into thinking, “Oh, this poem is about grief.” Or, “This poem is about love.”

I stand by the idea that poetry is whatever you, the reader, need it to be. I believe that is what great poets, and writers, do- write so that someone, somewhere, connects. Even if it isn’t in the same way that the author connected to the words originally.

I won’t pretend that everyone likes poetry, and even more naively, I will not pretend everyone will like MY poetry.
But here is what my hope is:

I want people to read my book and take whatever it is they need with them.
Maybe it’s just a few words, maybe it’s a page.
Maybe it is simply an experience of slowing down for a few minutes.

My poems are snippets of the human experience.
Human sensation, human spirit, soul.
Human intensity.
My poems are, to put simply and abstractly all at once;
about being.

Being human, specifically.

I’ve also had a few people reach out saying some of my poems surprised them.
Some are lined with day dreams and a lightheartedness.
Others wrestle with severely dark parts of life’s experiences.
And to me, that is my point.
It can all exist.
That is what makes us who we are.
It is what makes me who I am.
I believe we all share similar experiences, even if our storyline is quite different.

It still feels unreal to hold a book whose pages are filled with words I wrote.
I will say thank you every day.


Thank you for your support.

You can order HERE and if you are feeling extra kind, please feel free to leave a review or better yet message me your favorite page ❤

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