Magic In the Mundane

Here it is! The first of many Mundane Monday’s. Every Monday I will be sharing my favorite mundane moments from my week. But before I give you my list, here are a few background thoughts and feelings…

I am a big time dreamer. I always have been, beyond the stars is hardly a limit. I find magic in the near impossible, and strive to show myself what I am capable of when I dance with that edge.

However, what I am finding is that sometimes what is even more beautiful than the days of pure perfection, are the ones that are somewhat simple. The ones where feelings are messy, or time moves too fast or too slow. There is a beauty that exists both in chaos and in calm, somehow more ripe and raw than the perfectly planned. There is beauty in the boring, which shows us that boring truly doesn’t exist.

It is in this practice that I have settled my mind to see between the two extremes: perfection and chaos. There is a middle ground and she is the mundane.

There is magic in the mundane.

Sure, the dive headfirst is exhilarating, but we can not always live there- nor can we live just dipping our toes in, one by one. Sometimes we must simply wade, observe, experience.

So what is the magic in the mundane?

You are. Your life is. The small moments, the big moments, and everything in between.

You are the artist of your lifetime.

You get to decide what takes your breath away.

So here is a little list of my magic in the mundane. I write this in hopes that you create your own list, and see how truly extraordinary your ordinary can really be.

  1. the way the morning light hits my favorite reading chair in my living room
  2. watching the cinnamon swirl in my coffee
  3. the state when my dog is half asleep, but perks his ears slightly at the sound of his name
  4. the way every leaf waves differently from its branches
  5. how wet sand forms to your feet when you stroll along the oceans edge
  6. when a loved one calls you and you get to see their name pops up on your screen
  7. wellness, especially after a week of being unwell
  8. fuzzy socks
  9. the warmth of the sun and a good book
  10. natures willingness to teach us lessons, year after year- change is our only constant

My challenge for you? Go write down 10 magically mundane moments.

Thank you for reading my first Mundane Monday’s post- where each week I share my mundane moments. Let me know what you think!

Sending love & wellness your way!

Ps. I know I am late on reading Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, but happy to have finally arrived!

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