Mundane Monday’s

We are back!

Another finding magic in the mundane post. If you are new around here, every Monday I share a list of my favorite mundane moments- maybe from this past week, maybe just from life in general, but all in hopes to inspire you to create your own list.

It is easy to leave for our ‘peak’ moments. The big moments. I love those moments. But as a chronic joy chaser, I am learning to slow down and truly appreciate the magic that surely exists in the seemingly mundane.

So, this weeks Mundane Monday list:

  1. the feeling you get after a goooood solid house clean
  2. the first pumpkin pie of the season
  3. podcasts that seem like they are talking directly to you and your life, preferably on a long road trip
  4. the ability to breathe through your nose (currently going on week 3 of having a stuffy nose, send help)
  5. the happy dance your dog does when you reach for their leash

Honorable mention: when you are skiing and find the perfect bowl; perfect pitch, no one there, perfect snow, knee deep powder, perfect drop in. I audibly laughed this weekend while skiing. More of that please.

Your challenge?

Go make your list. If you feel like you can’t find any magic, go create it.

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