Mundane Mondays: Stillness Edition

Welcome back to another Mundane Monday post (on a Tuesday- oops), where I write about all the little moments of my week. Not the grandiose, not the highs or the lows- but more of the in betweens.

This week, I specifically want to talk about stillness. I don’t necessarily mean the kind where you are sitting on a pillow, unmoving, eyes closed, etc., although that kind also serves a deep purpose.

I am talking more about the kind that you find while in motion. You might find stillness while driving, while in good company, while alone writing, watching TV with your favorite candle lit nearby. You can find it anywhere- and I suppose my definition of stillness in this sense is synonymous with peace. I am always looking to add a little bit more peace into my life, and I often find it is through movement and motion that peace might come a little more naturally.

In my yoga classes, I will often guide students to move around a bit first in the posture before they dig into the stillness of it. It is in these shifts and adjustments that stillness might feel just a tad easier to find, once the body has had the freedom to explore.

I am working to bring that idea into my everyday life on and off the mat. How can I fidget, adjust, shift, and pivot in my life- how can I move more (whether physically, mentally, or emotionally) in order to really enjoy the charm of stillness.

So here are my mundane moments, stillness edition. The times this week I felt peace, nothing spectacular, no big enlightenment moment, just ease.

  1. The stillness you feel when you take your first childs pose of a yoga class.
  2. The ease of mind that comes when making eye contact with a loved oned.
  3. The peace you feel when staring into the ocean, the sounds of the waves a symphony to your stillness.
  4. The complete and wonderful boredom that comes with washing the dishes (one of my least favorite chores, but I am starting to look at the little chore tasks as opportunities for presence, and it is helping).
  5. The feeling when you add a new song to your Liked playlist. Sort of like an, ahh- you made it. Another edition to my all time favorites- what a sweetness that brings.

My challenge for you this week, apart from making your own mundane moments list, is to look and feel for the stillness of your week. Notice the softer moments, the sweet ones, the ones where there isn’t necessarily anything extraordinary, but instead quite ordinary in a wonderful way.

Love to you. What a privilege it is to experience mundaneness.

One response to “Mundane Mondays: Stillness Edition”

  1. Another edition of Great thoughts and words… ThX!
    Also, it FUNtastic to see You in person when you visited our school; wish we all had more time to visit (instead of the ‘meeting mode’). Keep on Smilin’ & Have Fun! WiLL

    Liked by 1 person

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