Mundane Monday: Growth & Gratitude Edition

We are entering that time of the year where reflection seems fitting and natural- and with that- I specifically want to talk about growth and gratitude.

Another week brings another opportunity to sift through what is going right, as well as notice what things might feel seemingly ‘wrong’, and most importantly- how to move forward, regardless. From my personal life, to my interpersonal life, to my career, my passions, my side jobs, etc- there is always a mountain of moments to reflect on.

I find that if I don’t take time to reflect, then my mind gets on a one way train- moving on, busying itself with tasks- which doesn’t allow for two things that I deeply value: growth and gratitude.

This week, at one of the meetings I attended, we were asked to identify our top 2 values. It started from a list of about 100, we narrowed it down to 10, then 5, then 2.

At the end, my top two values were growth and joy– but for the sake of this post, and for the sake of alliteration, I want to talk about growth and gratitude.

Growth is such a pinnacle of all of our journeys. I faithfully believe it is a true north for many, it is what keeps our feet moving– one foot in front of the other. It is not a linear line, but instead a dance- leaps forward, shuffles back, tumbles, reaches, spins, and swings. Movement. Learning. Grace. Growth is the journey of becoming. We get to decide what and who and how we become. The older root word of growth is growan- which means to flourish. How beautiful is that? How will you continue to flourish?

Gratitude is another beast of its own- a term thrown around all over the wellness world, but at its core, its a fickle thing. Gratitude is a readiness to show appreciation, and when life gives lemons, better yet starts to throw hands- it is easy to be swept into a deficit mindset. But if I have learned anything about gratitude, it’s that she can live anywhere and everywhere all of the time. I’ve learned to keep her tucked in my chest pocket (metaphorically of course- not many women’s clothing fashions a front pocket) so that I keep her close at all times. To wake up each day is reason enough to hold her with high regard, and to check in with her often is a learned superpower.

So, per usual, I digress. Although growth and gratitude are anything but mundane, it is still easy to find them amongst the simple moments. Here are my mundane moments of the week- moments that were unadorned, but chock full of g & g.

  1. Waking up. Period. But specifically waking up, no longer having cough attacks. Praise be to health.
  2. Watching a teenager laugh at your jokes. It’s a jungle out there in these classrooms, but having a 16 year old find you even remotely entertaining is their language of respect. Mama I made it.
  3. The way sun glistens on a calm ocean. That is true peace. (Even when its followed by being stung by a sting ray- am I a real surfer now?)
  4. Watching people do what they love. This week- that was watching a friend perform in his band- they were all lit up in the best way.
  5. The ability to be proud of who you are and reflect on where you were a year ago. Sometimes it feels like we are stuck in old ways or patters, but to really think about the core of who you were last year and see the space that has shifted between those two versions of you… man, marvel in that growth, no matter what it looks like.

For those who are here, reading this right now- thank you for being here. I have immense love and gratitude for you. But even more than that, I hope you hold this aforementioned love and gratitude in yourself.

Go make your mundane list- reflect on the small moments.

It’s in building a life full of small moments, that life might start to feel really big.

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