Reflection Questions For The End & For The Beginning

Goodbye 2022, hello 2023.

As one year, chapter, story, page, dream, nightmare– whatever you want to call it– closes, and a new one awaits, let me offer you a few questions to consider as you move forward into this next phase.

For best “results” spend some time on each question. Preferably write it out. Maybe even light a candle and put on some of your favorite calming music. Perhaps you create a mood board for each. Honestly, do as you please- I just wish you well into the new year and I hope you reflect honestly and boldly.

So, ask yourself…

  1. What brought you immense joy this year? Why? How can you add more of that into your life?
  2. What seemed to be a pinnacle of your success this year? Is this something you wish to continue? If so, how sustainable is it?
  3. What caused you the most stress this year? How much of it is within your control? What steps do you aim to take this year to minimize the stress that falls in that category?
  4. What communities are you apart of? How do you serve them? How do they serve you?
  5. What are you doing to stay well (body, mind, and soul)?
  6. What word(s) do you hope to ground yourself in this year?
  7. Is there a specific goal you hope to achieve this year?
  8. How can you become the best version of YOU this year? What does that look and feel like for you?
  9. Who is someone you are proud of this year? Why? Tell them.
  10. Are you holding on to something you need to let go of? Does this question make you uncomfortable? Good- now work on letting go of that thing. 😉

I hope at least one question written above helps you reflect in a way that brings a moment of deeper understanding of who you are in this life and how you might wish to move forward.

Whether you view this time of year as a chapter closing, or a new one beginning, or both… I hope it brings clarity, alignment, and fearlessness.

Joy to you, friend.

Thanks for being here.

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