Mundane Mondays- MLK Edition

Today’s Mundane Monday is going to be somewhat similar to the pasts- where we discuss the little moments from the week that made it so special and sweet- but instead of specific moments, I have questions for you to ponder.

Life needs the small moments, the little shifts, the baby steps. Without them, the bigger moments would not seem possible. This idea reminds me a lot about who we celebrate today: Martin Luther King Jr.

Although not every action he took was little, MLK took both small and large steps in order to produce impactful victories. He led out of love, not fear. So, I want you to think of him today, and think of this ideology, and how you can apply it to your own life.

So on this Mundane Monday- I have a few questions for you to reflect on!

  1. What small step can you take TODAY towards one of your goals/aspirations/shifts that you are hoping to make?
  2. What is one small act of kindness you can do today for someone else, that will ripple outward?
  3. What is one small act of kindness you can do today, for yourself?
  4. Where in your life might you find that fear is holding you back?
  5. Where in your life can you move from more of a place of love/ let love lead?

Let me share some of my own answers and examples with you, in hopes that it helps to spark small, but impactful, change.

  1. I have been postponing making a budget for myself (I know, bad), so today I will focus on looking at my finances and really getting real about my budget!
  2. I am sending home grade report emails today- I will make sure each one has something kind written in it about each student.
  3. Take myself to a yoga or workout class. Prioritizing wellness is kindness.
  4. Although I hate to admit it, I get very nervous/scared to post some of my writing/poetry/photography/etc. on social media because I often feel like it isn’t ‘worthy’ or good enough. Screw that. Imma post.
  5. I can move from a place of love when I learn to slow down and prioritize. I can get on ‘go’ mode pretty quickly, but find that I don’t always prioritize well when in that mode. If I slow down, moving with love and intent will be more natural.

I’ll end with a few words from Dr. King himself.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

I hope you continue to take the small steps. You cannot arrive on the top floor in one step. Be mindful of the journey and appreciate its work.

Love to you all!

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