Mundane Monday’s: Podcast Edition

Well, hello- it’s been a while since I’ve written about all of the mundaneness of Monday.

If you are new here- I mean that somewhat facetiously. This series is all about exploring how there is MAGIC in the mundane moments. So this week, I am going to share some key takeaways from a few podcast episodes that stuck with me, in hopes that they resonate with someone reading this.

Before I give ya the deets, let me remind you of why we are here, doing this practice. Finding magic in the mundane is an epic life practice. It is making the ordinary extraordinary- which lends itself well to a few of today’s points. I am of the mindset that MOST things can be pretty extraordinary.

This weeks example: listening to podcasts.

What a LUXURY it is that I can just simply go on a walk, or sit, or sometimes admittedly multi-task, while listening in on someone else’s conversation, while they willingly share their own experiences and knowledge that I just get to obtain, for FREE?! Sign me up.

This past weekend I traveled to Colorado. As I sat on the airplane, I was able to listen, write, and reflect. Now, allow me to share- let’s dive in!

Here are my Mundane Monday reminders (written on a Tuesday)- inspired by this past weeks notes from my ever-growing podcast compilation & addiction.

  1. Safety. A simple concept, but I heard something this week that knocked me out: “People who do not have an internal locus of control, make external rules to keep them safe.” Think about where in your life you have been casting rule after rule (might not be a rule, might be a restriction, a habit, a routine, a boundary- maybe ones that have gone too far, don’t actually feel good, or are less than helpful) and notice how might you be using that as a CRUTCH for safety in your life and not actually doing the inner work to self heal.
  2. Freedom. Freedom freaks people out. We see someone who seems “too free” and we deem them irresponsible- and yet maybe, just MAYBE, there is an inner knowing that we just are a little bit envious. Where in your life might you be just a little more free?
  3. Identity. Just this past week, I had a big identity realization. As a 29 year old, you would think I know myself pretty well, and for the most part I do- but the fun part about being an adult is we keep learning more and more about who we truly are. What did I realize? It is much easier for me to go chase that next big dream, and accomplish it, than it is to sit and stay in temperate waters. Diving head first into stormy waters is almost second nature, but swimming just for the sake of swimming can be hard.
  4. Be ordinary. I am an ‘seek an extraordinary life’ type of person. I love that about myself, but I think with maturation has come the realization that there is SO MUCH extraordinary in the ordinary.

I hope this week you dive into these topics, sit with them, and see how they show up in your life.

Go find the magic in your mundane. It’s there, I promise.

One response to “Mundane Monday’s: Podcast Edition”

  1. Didn’t know you had a blog. This too was interesting. You make your reader think and analyze-even when we may not want to do so…


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