Mundane Monday’s: Observation Edition

This past week I spent a little extra time observing. One of my intentions for the week was to be more present and in doing so I found myself becoming more of an observant of my life and all that enters and leaves it- especially from moment to moment.

Although I am a big fan of being a very active participant, better yet CAPTAIN of your own life, I do see the benefits of becoming an observer from time to time.

This week, as I went from work, to the second job, to my workout classes, to cooking meals, to eating out, to sitting on my couch, to going on walks- I was struck with the realization that they all have something beautiful in common:

In the better words of Job Kabut-Zinn, “Every where you go, there you are.” This explores the wonderful phenomenon that we know, but often forget, that regardless of what we do from our day to day, we have a tremendous opportunity, let alone privilege, to be there.

I get to be a small part of the journey that each of my 150+ students experience this year.

I get to guide wonderful people through their own personal yoga practice.

I get to move my body in ways that feel great.

I get to cook food that fuels me, as well as enjoy food that was prepared for me.

I get to SIT ON MY OWN COUCH when I am tired.

I get to go on walks, rain or shine, simply because I wish to (and because Moose demands it, but still).

All the while, during these activities and moments- life is happening. It doesn’t stop happening. Millions of little lives are being dealt and felt.

From the magic to the mundane, life keeps moving and we get to ride along with it.

I encourage you to really be present this week- to observe, to feel, to experience, to see.

Find the magic in the mundane- it is there for you.

Much love.

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